As a Web Designer/Developer and who always in front of computer for designing and coding. All day long and until the midnight and even late in the morning. In this kind of lifestyle your life evolve on working on the web and you just grab anything to eat from the kitchen because you need to get back to your matrix world (computer).

Most of us Techie guys forget about being healthy and rather stick to poor unhealthy lifestyle. Before I learned to web design and coding, I used to be a network engineer but the world of IT is changing and the boom of mobile devices are growing so fast. So I switched to more productive which is web development.

On the other hand, one morning I woke up with the itchy and full of hives all over my body. Mind you, this is scary and itchy as hell that you cannot do anything but scratch your skin. But how did suffer from it? The doctor doesn’t know. It could be a stress related or something I shouldn’t eat…

Long story short, For those of you who suffer from Hives/Urticaria because of stress, poor diet and lack of sleep, and your immune system is weak, unable to eat properly. Here are some tips that I did to cure my skin issues:

1. Detox

2. Green Smoothies (check this website for more information

3. Sleep well

4. Exercise – cardio is sufficient

5. Limit your sugar intake (sweets, chocolates and high in carbohydrates)

6. Avoid junk foods.

7. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits.

8. Drink a lot of water. (Green smoothies is the best)

9. Avoid stress and listen to smooth calming music instead.

10. Enjoy life with your family and pray with God for blessings.

Hope these simple tips help you get rid of your hives!


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